Natural Food For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, has become the most common cardiovascular disease in North America and has sparked much interest in eating natural food for high blood pressure.

There are certain factors that may contribute to the likelihood of you either having high blood pressure or developing it in your near future.  These include obesity, family history, other health conditions and often an unhealthy diet.

But you can do your part to bring your blood pressure numbers back down to a healthy range or even prevent high blood pressure from occurring in the first place. The easiest way is through eating foods for high blood pressure, proven to help.


Tomato Food For High Blood PressureMost people are aware of the fact that tomatoes have great health benefits but few know why it is one of the best foods for high blood pressure.

The scientific name for a tomato is Lycopersicon Lycopersicum and it comes from the family of Solanaceae or Nightshade Family.  This family of edible fruit usually ripen to a distinctive red color and are generally savory to taste.

There is a specific amino acid found in tomatoes that is quite helpful in naturally lowering blood pressure levels and hypertension. This amino acid is known as Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid or GABA.

GABA is a very important inhibitory amino acid neurotransmitter that was discovered and is crucial for the relaxation and suppression of many bodily processes.

This is achieved through the relaxation of the muscles of arteries and veins throughout our bodies by reducing the number of action potentials that fire in these muscles.

With a reduction of action potentials firing, the smooth muscles of our arteries and veins relax causing them to expand or vasodilate. This in turn results in easier blood flow, in turn reducing our blood pressure and helping control hypertension.

How to prepare and eat this food:

The greatest health benefit from tomatoes is gained through eating this fruit in its purest raw form. Consider adding freshly diced tomatoes to your soups, salads, or pasta dishes.

You can also drink tomato juice as an alternative or eat tomato sauce.  However these forms of tomato are usually not as beneficial as its raw form, as these usually contain many additives such as salt.

Oat Bran

Oat Bran For High Blood PressureIf you’ve never been a fan of oat bran, it’s time to turn to this food for high blood pressure as your natural healer.

Oat bran is amongst the foods that are loaded with what is known as soluble fiber, and this is the active ingredient that helps to naturally reduce your high blood pressure levels.

Soluble fiber does this by lowering your body’s levels of Low Density Lipoproteins or LDLs.

LDLs are a type of cholesterol that is bad for your body, as they cause the narrowing and hardening of our arteries.  This process is known as Arteriosclerosis and is one of the most common causes of high blood pressure.

It has also been shown that the soluble fiber in oat bran helps to reduce the rate of absorption of LDL cholesterol by our intestines further reducing hypertension.

Therefore by reducing this bad cholesterol oat bran can work wonders at solving your hypertension.

How to prepare eat this food:

The easiest way to incorporate oat bran into your diet is by making it an alternative to your breakfast cereal or sprinkling it in its raw form on some of your favorite dishes. It will provide a nice hearty change to your meal, all the while helping to lower your blood pressure level. The fiber can also go to work on other things in the process, so this is one powerful food!

Tip: Try adding some natural honey to your morning oat bran for a touch of added flavor.


Celery Foods For High Blood PressureEating celery can help to naturally lower blood pressure levels, and this natural food for high blood pressure does this via pretty much the same mechanism as GABA in tomatoes.

However the powerful ingredient in celery is called Phthalide. Phthalide or 3-N-Butylphtalide as it is scientifically known, relaxes the smooth muscles of our arteries and veins resulting in vasodilation.

This causes the arteries and veins to widen allowing an increase in blood flow and thus a decrease in blood pressure.

So while you are eating tomatoes and thinking of the effects of its GABA levels on your body, you can also think of what the phthalide in celery could also be doing for you.

However this isn’t the only positive effect that phthalide has on your body and your blood pressure issues.

Phthalide also has an inhibitory effect on our body’s production of an enzyme known as Tyrosine Hydroxylase. Tyrosine hydroxylase is responsible for aiding in the production of a compound known as Dihydroxyphenylalanine or DOPA, a crucial component in the production of stress-inducing hormones in our bodies.

As we all nknow stress is a very common cause of high blood pressure.  But by eating celery, phthalide will reduce the production of tyrosine hydroxylase, DOPA and thus stress-inducing hormones in your body.

So with these two positive effects on high blood pressure you should be eating celery in your diet.

How to prepare and eat this food:

Before using celery as a remedy to your high blood pressure there is one drawback to celery that should be taken into consideration.

Celery does contain a small amount of natural salt, often referred to as celery salt.  When consumed in high quantities, this sodium can have hypertensive effects on your body.

Therefore when incorporating celery into your “blood pressure lowering” diet moderation is the key!

Many people also can’t handle the taste of raw celery on its own, so it is a great idea to combine it with other vegetables in a salad or a soup.

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